Thanks to everyone who helped us fill out our Spring survey! As promised, we want to share the results with our Evening Rounds community. So, what did we learn?

Many of you like hearing about specific case studies.

Many first-timers attend because of who is speaking that month.

A lot of you will return because of the wonderful networking opportunities.

We've gone back and forth on when the networking portion should be. Turns out even our community can't decide!

Not surprising from a community that has foundations in #hcsmca, many of you hear about each month's event on Twitter!

And now for the good stuff... which topics do you, and your colleagues, want to hear about in the future?

  • Examples of campaigns using new social media tools (or common ones in unique ways)
  • How social media is changing healthcare communications
  • Healthcare communications, promotions, marketing
  • Men's health promotions
  • Collaboration within & across clinical settings
  • Patient & open data sharing
  • Breast cancer
  • Audience research
  • Patient portals, e-patients
  • KT case studies
  • Risk communications
  • Use and effectiveness of social media in healthcare
  • Promotional campaigns - what, why, how
  • Integrated engagement strategies
  • Public/population health applications (as opposed to just healthcare)
  • Building online communities
  • Research and data collection tactics
  • Buy-in from resistant researchers
  • Evaluation Methods

....and that's why Vol. 08 is all about evaluation methods & stakeholder buy-in. RSVP and join us May 21st!


Have a comment, or suggestion for us? It's not too late to fill out our survey!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! We are working hard to make sure we make Evening Rounds the best for the great folks in our community!