Event Summary

Each month at Evening Rounds we strive to bring you the best speakers doing creative and groundbreaking work in health care communications across BC. Evening Rounds Vol. 2 was no exception.

It was our pleasure to host Michaela Montaner and Kora De Beck the Urban Health Research Initiative (UHRI) at the Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS.

We heard three case studies from UHRI, an initiative founded to address community health through research. Due to that mandate, knowledge translation -- moving research into policy and practice -- is a key portion of the work that they do.

The Insite story many of us have heard from the media, but that only tells part of the story. They waged the battle over the benefits of harm reduction in scientific journals, conferences, and even law enforcement meetings. Ultimately the multifaceted arguments drew enough attention to bring Insite and harm reduction to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Using social media more heavily, the Vienna Declaration was an online campaign to spread the message of evidence-based drug policy reform. They started the campaign targeted at scientists and doctors, but as the campaign spread and the online community began to embrace it, they had to change the messaging to be more inclusive. The result? Widespread sharing and community championing of their message.

Lastly, a campaign that is just getting underway is Stop the Violence BC. This campaign, again led primarily through social media, is designed to call attention to the link between cannabis prohibition and organized crime in BC. The campaign calls attention to the health and economic benefits of legalization of marijuana. Though it may be too early to report any results of the campaign, they already have a large social media presence and champions in the RCMP and BC government.

Again thanks go to our sponsors: W2, Signals and Providence Health Care. We look forward to offering more excellent case studies and lessons learned in health care communications every third Tuesday at Evening Rounds. See you next time!